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A web site for publishing discursive articles on philosophical and religious topics.


Why I am not a Fundamentalist,  a discursive essay (in PDF format), also available in Microsoft Word format and in HTML format.


New: The Bazlinton Collection.  Photos of Brethren in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

History of the Exclusive Brethren

A Brief History of the Brethren, (60 pages) published in 1968 by Ian McDowell and made available here by kind permission of the author.

Dendrogram, a 3-page Microsoft Word file, an attempt to summarise the evolution of Plymouth Brethren groups and subgroups from 1825 to 2000. The chart relating specifically to Brethren is on page 3 and is best printed on A3 size paper. Some printers will work better with one of these alternative formats, which you can download by clicking them: PDF file, JPG file, PNG file or GIF file.

List of Meetings July 1931 [UK]

List of Meetings 1953 [UK]

List of Continental Meetings (including New Delhi and Rangoon) 1953

List of Meetings in Europe (excluding Great Britain) 1954

List of Meetings 1956 [UK]

List of Meetings 1962 [UK]

List of Meetings 1969 [UK]

List of Non-Taylorite Meetings 1971 [UK]

The Watchman Nee affair, 1933-34


These are mostly based on Gilbert and Sullivan songs, and depict various aspects of life among the Exclusive Brethren, sometimes with humour, sometimes with pathos. Click on any cell of this table to download the words or the music or the full score with interleaved words and music for printing. If singing along with the MIDI file, wait for the introduction (usually piano) to finish before the choral entry (usually oboe).

Title of song
Words only
Tune in MIDI format
Full Vocal and Instrumental Score
A Model Brother
ModelBrother.pdf (for tenor, piano and chorus)
Leadership.pdf (for tenor, piano and chorus)
Followership.pdf (for tenor, piano and chorus)
Courtship Court.pdf
Courtship.pdf (for soprano, tenor, baritone, chorus of men, and piano)
My Wandering Mind
WanderingMind.pdf (for soloist and two pianos)
Wandering_1_piano.pdf (shorter version for one piano)
Heartbreak.pdf (for boy, girl, piano and optional chorus)
Notes of a Reading
on Ecclesiastes 3
Reading.pdf (for tenor, piano and chorus)

Time and Truth: a parody on a Shakespearean sonnet, also based on life among the Exclusive Brethren

The Opening Day of the Three-Way Beatings: nonsense verse written in imitation of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky poem.

New: Exclusive brethren ministry simulator: Click here for unlimited supplies of simulated Exclusive Brethren Ministry

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